8 Ways To Live A More Organic Lifestyle

  1. Use activated charcoal/fluoride free toothpaste

    Some people may think that natural toothpaste won’t get your teeth clean, but it’s the physical act of brushing that removes food particles. The toothpaste is used to eliminate bacteria and this can be done using herbs rather than chemicals. Do your body a favor and stay away from harsh chemicals! PS- activated charcoal works wonders for whitening teeth!   

  2. Drink spring water and stay away from city water

    Spring water has tons of benefits solely because it hasn’t been polluted by the city. Side note- I had a patient at work that had esophageal cancer, and he worked at a water plant for 30+ years. He swore his cancer came from working with the chemicals that are used to treat our drinking water. Anything in excessive amounts can be harmful to our bodies, especially fluoride.

  3. The fewer ingredients in your food the better

    As a rule, I always try to buy food that has little ingredients. If you can’t pronounce the additive in your food, or you don’t know what it is, chances are it’s no good! Spend the extra money and go organic, it’ll make a difference in your future health.

  4. Stay away from heavy metals in soaps

    Use all natural soaps and shampoos. Imagine what all the chemicals in these products are doing to your skin and hair! My favorite place to shop for these products is Lush Cosmetics. All of their products are affordable and will leave you wanting more.

  5. Put down your cell phone every once in awhile

    Ahh this topic is a sensitive one for me. Our phones put off so much radiation it makes me cringe just thinking about it. If you don’t believe me, try putting your phone close to your alarm clock/radio and notice the static. This happens because of electromagnetic interference. They both are putting off stuff you don’t want in your life!

  6. Make your own deodorant and other beauty products

    I like to make my own deodorant and lotion. It saves me money and I love how my skin feels after using coconut oil/shea butter instead of irritants.

  7. Say no to plastic utensils and containers

    Plastic has many harmful chemicals in it that our bodies are exposed to when we use it. One of the most well-known toxins in plastic is BPA. When we heat up our tupperware, or leave our water bottles in the sun, chemicals are leaching out from the plastic. Even eating with plastic utensils has negative effects. The chemicals in plastic are known for causing cancer and various diseases. Say no to plastic for the sake of the earth and your health.

  8. Essential oils and herbs are your best friend

    You’d be surprised what herbs and oils you can use in your everyday life to replace existing chemicals. You can use these natural products for just about anything - cleaning products, beauty products, food, medicine, etc. The benefits of using natural remedies are endless. You will always feel better when you use fresh, alive ingredients!

I know living organic can be “tricky” because of the expense and lack of availability, but think of the bigger picture! If we nurtured our health and stayed away from heavy chemicals, life may be different. Sickness and disease wouldn’t be so prevalent and we would probably be happier because our bodies are happy. Notice the difference in your energy level and the absence of disease when you use natural ingredients. Spend the extra few dollars and take care of this vessel for your soul!!

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